Why Centwise?

Simply put, we are responsible for other people’s money, particularly in an unregulated industry.

We believe in accountability; we believe in adding value to our clients spend and we believe in transparency.

We are proud of our ethical business practices and value sets.

We choose to associate with clients and suppliers, who value and respect the same principles in business.

We believe in making a difference particularly in creating events that can change peoples lives

Promotional Gifting & Brand Activation

We want people to feel, experience and just live in that moment!

Branding & Promotional

Corporate Gifts

Centwise opened its doors to the corporate world in 2008 creating stylish, cost effective events for several Fortune 500 companies

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Our job is to make individuals and teams look good by creating the right environment for their events.

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Our Services

Who Is Centwise?

heart-shape-icon-2239AUTHENTIC in heart-shape-icon-2239CREATING heart-shape-icon-2239UNIQUE heart-shape-icon-2239EXPERIENCES that heart-shape-icon-2239INSPIRES and heart-shape-icon-2239ENERGISES people at all levels.
We pride ourselves in our open, honest and ongoing heart-shape-icon-2239COMMUNICATION.
Provide heart-shape-icon-2239QUALITY and heart-shape-icon-2239TRANSPARENCY in our service.
heart-shape-icon-2239CONFIDENTIALITY is key and we treat it with sensitivity.heart-shape-icon-2239INTEGRITY, heart-shape-icon-2239RESPECT.
We are known for our heart-shape-icon-2239PASSION because we love what we do and do what we love.
heart-shape-icon-2239FUN is what sets us apart from the rest.
We are heart-shape-icon-2239ENGAGING , taking people on journeys (sensory & sometimes life changing!)
heart-shape-icon-2239NURTURING is our final and important element in taking care of all the details.
Making a heart-shape-icon-2239DIFFERENCE 1 delegate at a time!
We heart-shape-icon-2239TAKE CAREof the heart-shape-icon-2239DETAILS allowing our clients to focus on their core business.

We are very heart-shape-icon-2239PASSIONATE when it comes to conferences and special events! We want people to feel, experience and just live in that moment! Schoolroom style? NO Tea Breaks with the usual muffins? NO
We want all delegates attending conferences to leave heart-shape-icon-2239INSPIRED, to give them learning experiences that are surprising, unique and heart-shape-icon-2239FUN!

fun-icon  UNIQUE, heart-shape-icon-2239ENGAGING and heart-shape-icon-2239ENGAGING learning experiences, in particular Conferences and Exco Strategy Sessions.
setUp-icon  Our venue setup and environments are not the norm. 
eye  We stimulate the senses. 
inspire_icon  ENGAGING and heart-shape-icon-2239INSPIRING facilitators. 
friends-48  Team focused activities that are heart-shape-icon-2239UNIQUE, individually and collectively uplifting. 
gift  Promotional gifts and brand activation’s to complete our service and product packages. 
speaker  Audio Visual Sound, Staging & Lighting
foundation_video_simple-black_128x128  Videography & Photography
modern-lamp-48  Draping & Decor
friends-48  Teambuilding
download  DJ’ s , MC’s & Motivational Speakers

We are the reinforcements; backups and right hand to PA’s, Marketing & HR divisions. Our job is to make those individuals and teams look good by creating the right environment for their events.

“Don’t forget a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated”
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“Be so busy improving yourself that you have not time to criticize others.”
Anonymous • Quote of the Day
“Don’t forget a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated. “
Anonymous • Quote of the Day